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Amazon shopping window opens on Nov 18.

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Ever Wanted to Learn Electronics?

Introducing Mand Labs KIT-1

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First Runner up i-Design Award 2015


Do an Enriching Journey of 50+ DIY Projects.

Experiment. Observe. Learn. Repeat.

Burglar Alarm

Automatic Night

IR Security
Alarm System

DC Motor as


LED Flasher

Be a True DIY Maker

For 14 years + and mature audiences


Gift your kid a magical hands-on learning experience where building things becomes fun.


Develop projects in less than 30 minutes. Gain circuit prototyping skills.


Convert your classroom into an electronics playground. Show concepts live via projects.


Set up electronics club on your campus. Get access to online learning modules.


Build cool projects for your academics. Show your friends and teachers how tech is fun.


See what our happy customers say?

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singapore american school
As a robotics educator for more than ten years, both in the USA and internationally, I found the kits engaging, fun and solidly grounded in science. The instruction books are clearly written, demonstrating science principles in a way that students find rewarding and teacher find solidly educational. I use them in my introductory robotics programs for more than 80 students per school year. I would recommend them for any school program that teaches physics, robotics, or basic science.
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grandparent and RETD. electrical engineer
The kit I purchase has been a great hit. It is exactly what I needed. I am teaching two of my grandsons. They are young so I am not focusing on the math at this time but using the book and the electronics components to teach the concepts. I am also teaching my son who is 30 years old and an Economics majors graduate the basic of electrical engineering. He needs it to expand his knowledge to help him on his current job. He is a project manager and could use the knowledge.
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I was looking for something that I can use with my kids to teach them about electricity. This kit is geared towards high schoolers and up, but I already had success with much younger kids-7yo and 9yo who have already played with other electronic sets and understand the basic ideas behind circuits. This kit requires no soldering so really was a natural progressions. I think that high schoolers definitely will like using this set. It is so well organized, there is just no way of misplacing components. Although I can understand if they want to learn to solder but let's face it most circuits are printed these days and nobody needs to solder anymore. The books are colorful, well organized, everything is documented-step by step process and functionality.
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Business Owner, NYC
The kit was for me personally. I am 44 year old business owner located in NYC. I have always been interested in learning electronics but always failed to retain the knowledge because of the weak link between theory and practical. I looked into schools or organizations that would give me a solid foundation but was unable to find something that would take me from zero to sixty quick enough and with enough of a balance between theory and practical. Then I found your kit. I chose it for several reasons: You understand the significance between theory and practical; The projects seem very diverse that cover a broad span of lessons; it had video which would be a great substitute for a classroom setting; your kit was a stepping stone to branch out in whatever direction I wanted.

Learn to Prototype

A skill to cherish for life.

We all have magical ideas. To test them, we build prototypes. Using KIT-1, you work with real world electronic components and tools, develop an understanding of how each part works, learn the technique to treat parts as building blocks, and use different blocks to build an array of projects.

Then you learn to analyze the working of circuits in terms of voltages and currents, deduce the laws of physics that govern the quantities and finally, draw your own conclusions.

That's how you become a true DIY Maker.

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