VSEE: Volunteer for STEM Electronics Education

Are you are a science or engineering undergraduate/graduate student interested in promoting and teaching technology? Would you like to contribute to the American STEM Education Movement? Do you love the idea of learning by doing through real-world hands-on projects? If yes, here is an opportunity for you to make a difference!

What is VSEE?

VSEE is USA’s first springboard for students’ technical community that provides a unique opportunity to Undergraduate and Graduate students to work for a fast-growing education company promoting project-based learning in STEM through its innovative DIY (do-it-yourself) experiential learning kits and well-researched curriculum developed over the years.

If you are a student who is willing to learn, grow your skill set and have got some free time while studying your science and engineering courses then you can volunteer as a “Techie” in our workshops and trade shows, engage in product engineering and research, publish technical articles and blogs, gain valuable business and technical experience and earn while you learn.

Who is a Techie?

A techie is a technical mentor who is well versed in imparting electronics education to a focus group of middle or high school students or teachers and can answer any technical questions related to our DIY kits. As a techie, you can be assigned to a plethora of tasks, including but not limited to providing requisite technical support to students for completing hands-on projects whether online or direct, research and write a series of technical blogs and articles, assist our team in managing workshops from content delivery to IT infrastructure to inventory management, demonstrate concepts, curriculum and technical project demos and help teachers in direct interactions in trade shows and workshops to make purchase divisions. It is a multi-functional role with a wide variety of functions ranging from product R & D to technical marketing to teaching.

In your academic career, you could have read a whole range of concepts in books and classrooms. Did you ever try implementing some of those concepts and putting them to practice? At Mand Labs, you will learn to apply these concepts to real world projects, gain practical understanding of the concepts, and gain prototyping skills. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to impart what you learned to younger schoolchildren and teachers.

What will you gain?

  • You will be trained on our DIY Electronic Series Kits to conduct product demos, training sessions and troubleshooting
  • You will gain valuable hands-on skills, practical and theoretical knowledge in the domain of electronics and programming
  • You will gain invaluable start-up exposure by being a part of a fast-growing startup and work closely with Mand Labs management team
  • Competitive Compensation: $20 per hour
  • You shall be formally paid for all expenses related to the company work
  • Certificate of participation
  • Extra benefits include recommendations and full-time/internship offers based on your performance and extent of association with the company
  • Optional: You will have a lot of fun: weekend beer, movies and hangouts are religiously followed


  1. You are a science/engineering student in college.
  2. You have innate flair to learn new skills.
  3. You have got excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  4. You love the idea of learning and communicating electronics to school kids. In brief, you love teaching.
  5. You are creative at expressing thoughts, concepts and actions.
  6. You are a fast learner and can easily adapt to difficult situations.
  7. You can emotionally connect with people.
  8. You have a good sense of humor.


Excellent verbal & written communication

How to apply and Next Step?

If you would love to be a part of VSEE, write to us at careers@mandlabs.com

In simple words, explain:

  1. Why do you want to join Mand Labs? (not more than 100 words; even bullet points will work)
  2. Why are you interested in this particular position? (not more than 100 words; even bullet points will work)
  3. Send simple bullet points of your skills. Example:
    • I can teach
    • I can make powerful presentations
  4. Send simple bullet points of your past work. Example:
    • As a trainer, I did x, y and z
    • I created a robot that could pick up and throw table tennis balls at a distance of 80’.

Once you apply, we will screen your application and get back to you within 7-10 business days.

We love literal answers. So, please be honest, succinct and be-yourself.