Hello Customers!

Mand Labs does not offer any returns or refunds, once the kits are sold. We take great care in testing out all the components, spares and different constituents of the kits. So, we advise you to gather all the information before you make any purchase. You can contact us at support@mandlabs.com for any additional details regarding the kits and we will be delighted to help you out.

Following are the exceptional cases when we resend the corresponding kit parts at zero cost:

  • The packaging of the box is damaged.
  • The books/manuals have missing/torn-out pages.
  • Any component or part is missing or damaged.
  • The chemicals of the battery are leaking.


Refund/return policy from third party e-commerce websites

If you buy our kits from Amazon or any other e-commerce websites where our products are listed, please refer to the refund and return policies from the corresponding websites. Mand Labs is not directly responsible for their policies, in case of any default.


We offer warranty for 3 months that begins from the date of purchase (receipt). Please note that there is no warranty on the fused LEDs, batteries and multimeter. If your individual parts are not working, we will replace them within 90 days of the sales receipt.