Newly Launched Magic of LED Kit at NSTA STEM Forum and Expo, PA

For Elementary and Middle Schoolers


An Hour of Electronics

Sometimes just one LED is enough to inspire a whole new generation of inventors and makers.

Something magical happens when children glow their first LED.

Their minds light up! The Magic of LED kit is designed to exclusively introduce young children to real-world electronics through a series of 5 interesting projects based on LEDs, buzzer, transistors and capacitors. Using the kit, users can do “an hour of electronics” whether in homes or classrooms.

Projects in the Box

Each project comes with a visual step-by-step guide and an array of learning videos to help you understand how each component works and working behind the projects.

  • Glowing an LED
  • Beeping a Buzzer
  • Creating a Flash Light Using a Capacitor
  • Touch-Activated Switch
  • Automatic Night Lamp

What's Included

  • Mini breadboard
  • LEDs (R/G/B/O)
  • Capacitors (100 𝝻F, 1000 𝝻F)
  • Resistors(100R, 330R, 1k, 100M)
  • LDR, jumpers (4 sizes)
  • Transistors (NPN)
  • Digital step-by-step guides (for download)
  • Circuit schematics
  • 9V carbon-zinc battery
  • Battery connector

The Story Behind Magic of LED Kit


A few years ago, our founder, Gurpawan Mand, had visited his alma mater to conduct a workshop on hands-on electronics, where he taught 20 children how to glow an LED among the other projects. But the response he received for the glow LED project was overwhelming. The expressions of joy after they succeeded in glowing the LED were priceless. That was when he felt the need to take up the cudgels and help children experience in learning the basics of physics and electronics.

Nothing compared to the joy that I derived on seeing the happy faces of those children. It was their very first circuit afterall.

- Gurpawan Mand


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