1How does KIT-1 help a school student?
For a school student, the kit:
  • Creates a strong interest in science and technology
  • Provides practical and pre-engineering exposure to electrical and electronics engineering
  • Builds a strong conceptual base needed for a career in engineering and R&D
  • Develops problem solving approach for applying scientific and engineering concepts to real-world problems
  • Creativity blossoms
  • 2Will I be able to do things on my own?
    Yes of course! The kit has been successfully tested on over 15,000 junior and senior high school students as well as science educators.
    3What is the further use of KIT-1?
    Mand Labs KIT-1 is forever. It is our starter kit in DIY electronic series and covers fundamentals of electronics. This means that you can use it invariably - anywhere, anytime (but of course it needs to be upgraded).

    KIT-1 will be followed by multiple upgrades covering integrated circuits, sensors, programming, and internet of things. These are advanced-learning levels which will be compatible only with KIT-1.
    4Can you give an example on how the kit helps in understanding concepts?
    Let’s take an example of a DC motor. We know that when we provide electricity to a motor, it creates motion. Is the converse possible? On providing the motor, will the motor generate electricity?

    When we rotate the motor, a small voltage is induced across its terminals.This voltage is called electromotive force or EMF. The induced EMF charges the capacitor, which in turn discharges across the LED, making it glow.

    A red LED needs a minimum of 1.8-2.1 V to glow. So, the induced voltage across the motor must be more than this minimum value so that the LED glows. We experimented it and found out that the value of induced voltage is around 3-4 V and lasts for around 200-400 milliseconds. In one-fifth of a second, we can generate 3-4 V by giving a jerk to the motor.

    So, in this experiment, we created a small generator using a simple DC motor.
    5Can you give examples of projects and their benefits?
    Yes. You start from fundamental projects, which will help you in building basics, and then logically progress to more advanced projects. The projects have been ranked according to the difficulty level which is defined by the degree and number of concepts used. Given below are some examples:

  • Automatic night lamp and touch-activated switch are fun projects.
  • IR security alarm system, temperature sensor, staircase lighting, burglar alarm and blinker demonstrate real-life applications.
  • Transistor as amplifier and switch, Joule thief and time constant (capacitor charging and discharging) will help you visualize difficult concepts.
  • H-bridge (used in robotics) is a motor-driving circuit used in robotics. Relay as oscillator is an engineering-level concept.
  • Diodes and transistors as logic gates teach you about digital electronics.
  • 6What is prototyping?
    We all have magical ideas. To test them, we build prototypes. Prototyping means converting an idea into a rough working model or project. By prototyping, we can check if the implementation of the idea is feasible or not. We can also check other aspects like the cost of implementation and its technical feasibility.

    Prototyping circuits is an art and you master it through experience. The kit will help you learn to make and test circuits on a project board called a breadboard.
    7How does the kit help in learning prototyping?
    With KIT-1 you can:

  • Start with simple circuits and eventually learn to assemble more complicated ones
  • Learn circuit symbols, connections and how to read a circuit
  • Learn technical know-how and tips on how to optimise circuits
  • Upgrade to more complex circuits involving multiple active and passive components
  • 8What is a breadboard?
    A breadboard consists of multiple holes. Wires and components are pushed into these holes to form a circuit. You can build projects multiple times of different complexity levels. Troubleshooting errors is easy. It saves both time and money.
    9Is the kit safe to work with?
    The kit is 300% safe. The users will be playing with DC 9 V batteries. There is no chance of getting an electric shock. Moreover, all our kits are CE and ISO 9001:2008 certified conforming to the International Quality Standards.

    Caution: We strongly recommend you to not use AC voltage (110 or 220 V) that comes in your households.
    10Do you offer gift wrap services?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer any gift wrap services right now.
    11Do you offer discounts to educators?
    Yes, if you are a STEM educator, we offer a special 10% discount. You simply need to scan your school-ID proof and mail us at As soon as we receive your email, we will verify your details and send you the discount coupon code that you can exclusively use on
    12How can I pay for the kit?
    Currently, you can place an order for KIT-1 through our website.
    13Do you have any local distributors?
    Gopher Sport, Inc. and Rainbow Resource Center, Inc. are our existing authorized resellers.


    1What do I do if a component is missing or the final delivery is flawed?
    This will be the rarest of cases as we do a strict quality check of all the kits. But in case you get a flawed piece, do not worry. Every kit that we ship is entitled with a unique ID, which you will get on the side cover of the box. You can email us about the damaged components at Mention your name, email, mobile number, receipt ID and Kit ID. We will get in touch with you and replace the components within 30 working days, if we find your case to be genuine.
    2What should I do if I lose or damage my components in the kit?
    Well, this is easy. If you need any help, please write to us at
    3What if I want to cancel or change my order?
    Please contact us directly at
    4Can KIT-1 be exchanged after purchase?
    No, we do not have any exchange policy. However, if you find the final delivery flawed, you can inform us at We will take adequate steps to resolve the problem.


    1What if I am stuck in any concept or experiment?
    Do not worry. Our dedicated technical team will provide you technical support over email or Skype. You can write to us at
    2Does KIT-1 come with a warranty?
    Yes, we offer warranty for three months that begins from the date of purchase (as mentioned in the receipt). Please note that there is no warranty on fused LEDs, batteries and multimeter. If your individual parts are not working, we will replace them within 90 days of the sales receipt.

    Caution: Do not put your meter into the wall socket.