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Love the product! Our kids (12 and 9) are completely stoked about learning and doing physics/electronics experiments. Perfect gift to give to family and friends.

Pooja Revanur
Houston, Texas

I’ll be using this product with my students in a STEM Middle School. I love the fact that everything is packed within the box, but even better I love the curriculum.

Elma L Strong
Sumter School District

It’s a great kit for starters. Love it! Our son is 7 and tinkers with this frequently. The manuals are very well put together and full of concise and clear information. He skips through the text searching for the next projects but trust we will revisit later to learn more.

Andy’s Tech Garage

I bought the kit for my daughter. We have not been able to do more than a couple of the experiments. I was told I could download the experiments on a flash drive and open them when we had the chance.

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I did, I thought, but they wont open from the flash drive and we don't have accesses to internet at home so we have to wait until we are at the library or my in-laws home. Other than the missing breadboard it was everything we expected. The missing breadboard has since been replaced and my daughter is looking forward to " playing" as she calls it with the materials she now has access too. Thanks for your help in allowing her to explore the world of science and robotics.

Lisa Mann

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