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About Mand Labs, Inc.

Mand Labs is a science and engineering learning startup based out of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Mand Labs is a mission-driven organization and a research-focused company that aims to make students practical learners, independent doers and creative tinkerers. The mission of the company is to make STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning more fun, hands-on and interactive through innovative DIY experiential learning kits and practical curriculum.

Mand Labs was founded in 2016 by Gurpawan Mand, an experienced Ed-tech entrepreneur (profiled in WSJ) with over a decade of hands-on business experience in three startups. He is an IIT graduate and a Starting Bloc Fellow-2008 (London Business School, UK). Ashok Rao, Chairman of the Board of BioMedX Inc., a serial entrepreneur with five successful high technology startups and former Chairman of TiE, chairs the Board of Mand Labs, Inc.

Mand Labs is supported by The GOOSE Society of Texas. The GOOSE Society of Texas (Grand Order of Successful Entrepreneurs) is a “by invitation only” group of 13 very successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists dedicated to funding early stage startups and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. The GOOSE is founded by legendary Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Dr. Jack Gill (founder, Vanguard Ventures, a high-tech venture capital firm) and Compaq Computer founder, Rod Canion.

At Mand Labs, we work really hard towards making and marketing the “absolute wow” educational learning products to parents, educators, and makers in the most creative ways that you could ever imagine. Mand Labs is a place where you will have the immense opportunity and intellect freedom to learn and grow into the best version of yourself. You will do great work that you will be proud of.

You shall be challenged everyday. Your limits will be stretched. You will evolve into a more mature, polished and creative professional. You will be a part of something “really big, meaningful and impactful”.