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As the excitement builds up around the New York Toy Fair (#TFNY) with big players and newcomers trying to be in the limelight, we have laid down top 5 reasons why a visit to stall #5959 won’t go in vain, whether you are a parent, an educator, a DIY enthusiast or a student.


# Get a sneak peek of KIT-1

Mand Labs KIT-1 will not fail to dazzle you with its limitless possibilities. Yes, it is more than a kit, as you have the freedom to create your next big thing just through your creativity and sheer imagination. It has no fixed curriculum, which is why it is ideal for any educator looking for hands-on workshops and activities; or parents looking to bond with their children over some cool weekend projects; DIY enthusiasts waiting to build something interesting; or students looking for great academic science experiments.

KIT-1 is meant for anyone, even without the basic knowledge of physics, to bring their ideas to life. It will lay your foundation and give you directions to headstart your electronics classes, upgrade your skills or bank on it to make a career out of it. So, if you are at the #TFNY, head to booth #5959 and take a sneak peek of KIT-1.


# KIT-1 won’t break your bank

Yes, you read it right! KIT-1 is easy on your pocket and will not break your bank. When the market is exploding with expensive STEM toys with minimal educational value, KIT-1 is a power-packed box as you can build projects, gain skills, understand technology and simply have fun. It comes bundled with all requisite hardware, electronic components, guide books and interactive videos required to build an array of 60+ projects, all packaged inside the box.

The Standard edition is priced at $139.99 and the premium one is for $164.99, but the interesting catch here is the easy EMI option starting at $25/month for 6 months for the standard edition and $33/month for 6 months for the premium edition. Visit the booth and find out the details yourself or walk away with some great discounts.


# Build projects, have fun and learn on the go!

KIT-1 has something interesting for everyone. Whether you are a beginner in electronics and have never tried your hand in glowing an LED or if you have outgrown the simple LED projects, we have experiments for all levels. From beeping a buzzer to creating a burglar alarm or controlling home lights using a clap to casino game lucky 7, it’s packed with a punch.

KIT-1 will allow you to physically play, understand and build exciting projects. What’s more? We have simplified the building process for you through our step-by-steps. All you need is a little time and effort. So, visit us at the booth, get your hands messy, have fun and learn on the go, as KIT-1 allows you to build projects in less than 30 minutes.


# Sign up instantly for our Thursday project series

Our Thursday project series are a great hit among our customers. In case you are wondering what the series is all about, we deliver DIY electronics projects right in to our customers’ inbox every Thursday. They are projects that will give you hands-on experience of real-time experiments.

Moreover, these series will keep you engaged through the weekend and also add to your fun and building quotient. So, if you want to kick-start the electrifying exercise, you just need to visit our booth during the fair and sign up to be a part of the exciting series.


# Meet the man behind Mand Labs

If there’s one sentence you should use to describe Gurpawan Mand, the man behind Mand Labs, it’s: “A man with a mission to strengthen STEM education worldwide through hands-on electronics and physics.”

After an intensive research for four years and after testing on 15,000 users in live, hands-on workshops, Mr. Mand came up with KIT-1 and founded Mand Labs in 2016. From handling the warehouse operations, managing vendors, taking care of marketing to launching KIT-1 on Amazon a few months after founding Mand Labs, Mr. Mand tries to live by the dictum: “Done is better than perfect”. It is this maxim, which has pushed him to believe in his idea and mission and run after it despite the deterrents.

So, visit our booth and get to meet and hear from the horse’s mouth about his ambition to compete in the highly aggressive $19Bn Educational Gifting North American Market and emerge as a top choice for STEM Gifts; a market led by LEGOS, Star War Toys and Nerf among others.

Urmila Marak
Urmila Marak
Urmila, who is a Big Data and STEM enthusiast, works as the head of communications with Mand Labs. She is a believer in transformation of life and career through STEM. She can be reached on Twitter @umarak.