A creative experiment to learn how a diode works

Why is this the right time to take up STEM?
September 27, 2017

Educators around the world are trying to use project-based learning as a methodology to teach abstract and difficult concepts of science. When it comes to physics as a subject, most students feel scared. The current educational kits market lacks concept-oriented kits and rich content which can be used to demonstrate concepts of physics in a fun, and easy way. In our attempt to solve the problem, we designed and developed a library of hands-on experiments and projects which could be used in classrooms worldwide to make the concepts live in action. So, students do not visualize physics (or science); they do it.

One of the projects out of our kits is ‘To learn how a diode works’. The following are the learning goals of this project:

  1. To understand the functioning of a diode in forward and reverse bias modes
  2. To verify the forward bias voltage of a Silicon diode
  3. To study VI characteristics of the diode using experimental observations

We have compiled a detailed instructional PDF of the experimental setup and step by step building instructions. In our free tutorial, we have clearly shown how can you achieve goals (1) and (2).

Check the instructions below:

If you are interested in accessing the full project pack (Working of a Diode) along with the detailed manual, you can order here:

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