Unbox Your Imagination.


Build Cool Projects. Gain Skills,

Understand Technology. Learn Electronics with Fun.

And everything is just Step By Step.

Your Personalized Workstation


First Runner up of I-Design Award.

Unique design of the kit opens up vertically into a shelf-type configuration.

The kit unfolds itself into a personalised workstation, providing enough work space on the users table top, besides a laptop and books already crowding the space. The design is made in a way to keep the foot print area minimum. The design has segregated space for all components with graphics indicating the placement. The compact box is easy to carry around.

The moment the kit is opened, all the components are accessible to you. A portable breadboard carry-case is provided so that you can carry your creations wherever you go.

Components and Tools Pack


Quality Hardware and Pre-tested Parts.

Industrial Grade Quality. Right Specifications.

KIT-1 comes bundled with all requisite hardware and electronic components required to build an array of 50+ projects packaged inside the box. The components have been selected after rigorous research and testing. The number and specification of components has been optimized based on the number and variety of experiments.

You might have read or heard some of these components in your life. The kit will allow you to physically play, understand and build things with these components.

Step by Step Building Instructions


Build Projects in Less than 30 Minutes.

Instructions tested on 20,000 users.

You can quickly assemble any circuit on the breadboard using our powerful instructions. Following the instructions is so easy that even a layman can build interesting circuits. You need not to be an expert or have any prior knowledge in advance to build circuits.

Download Automatic Night Lamp

Complementary Learning Videos


High Definition Quality. A total library of 9 Hours.

Learn at your own Pace.

Interactive videos empower you to do self-learning at your own pace and offer a strong mix of theory, practicals and graphics. The videos consists of lectures, demonstrations, live assembly of projects and schematics, reasoning and inference of each project. And these are not one of those boring, conventional videos. They are just too different.

  Watch Demo Videos

Guide Books


For In-depth Learning and Analysis.

Simple to understand. With lots of Pictures & Illustrations.

The books will help you visualize concepts and build a strong theoretical base. With an in-depth explanation of components and circuits supplemented with interesting facts (DYKs) and questions (Q-boxes), the reading process is more fun, interactive and engaging.

Read Sample Manual