Be a True DIY Maker.

Experiment. Observe. Learn.


For all those creative souls

who love to build things and want to

experience the magic of technology.

A Must Have Skill for a Great STEM career


Learn to give shape to your ideas.

We all have magical ideas. To test them, we build prototypes. The skill involves understanding about different circuit elements, theoretical considerations, laws that govern them and how components work in real life.

You learn to not only read and build circuits on the breadboard, you learn analyse them in terms of voltages and currents.

Interesting Facts Will Amaze Your Mind.


Technology is not that technical.

Do you know that there are 1.16 billion transistors in the latest i7 processor chip? Can you imagine that the size of one transistor is less than even the width of your hair? In real life, colors don’t even exist (no red, no green, no blues). Its just a pigmentation of our mind.

Using the kit, you get to know about really interesting facts. The kit will help you in understanding and appreciating the technology around. You will learn about how things work in real life.


Unleash Creativity. Have Fun and Do it Yourself.


Mess things up. Burn Few Components. That is how you learn.

Over the years, users of our kits have created some mind blowing projects, like, home-made christmas lights that generate a series of random patterns, multi-touch surface, electronic casino games, automatic safe alarm and many others.

The kit is designed to be used as your personal lab where you can do and create whatever you want to. Its your space, your time, your muse and your own storyboard.

Gain Conceptual Depth.


Theory is Important Too!

The kit comes packaged with two reference books that help you go into the in-depth analytics of each working circuits including reasoning, path of currents and the maths behind.

You learn through observations. So, you learn faster and retain more. This will help you build confidence and prepare you better for challenging subject problems. Moreover, you get to the crux of the current, electricity and semiconductors in physics.


Experience Problem Solving.


Develop Critical Reasoning Skills. Use Maths for Analysis.

For solving present world’s problems, you need to develop critical thinking, and acumen for using the computation tools. The kit will help you develop a structured thought process to problem solving by taking you through rigorous building process and analytics.

You learn to develop a habit by seeking out how things are made and what processes go into the making of things.


Upgrade and Do More.


Learning never stops!

The kit is upgradable to advanced modules that cover integrated circuits, sensors and programming. This helps you develop a holistic and comprehensive knowledge and skill level of the subject, step-by-step.

Our full curriculum is divided in multiple learning levels. This means, more components, more projects, and greater fun.